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Anti Downdraught Chimney Cowls

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Midtec Maxi Cowl

The Maxi Cowl from Midtec is a static anti-downdraught chimney cowl. The main body of the cowl is manufactured in aluminium, and it has a highly protective painted finish.

This static anti downdraught cowl has been designed to give ultimate protection from the elements, keeping even driving rain out of the chimney stack. Strap fixing kit included.

Mini Eurocowl

The Mini Eurocowl is a static anti-downdraught chimney cowl. The complete cowl is manufactured in 316 grade stainless steel, with stainless steel base flange and brackets.

Suitable for use with oil and solid fuel fired appliances. Strap fixing kit included.

Brewer UFO

The Brewer UFO is a static anti downdraught chimney cowl.

There are three version of the chimney cowl. The UFO Mk2 is suitable for gas and oil fired appliances, and also solid fuel fired appliances by means of using the integrated upstands and removing the mesh. A better option for solid fuel however is the purpose biult model for solid fuel appliances. There is also a square model.

Colt Top All Purpose

The Colt Top All Purpose is one of the best known names in anti downdraught chimney cowls.

This chimney cowl offers an instant answer to chimney downdraught, plus rain and bird entry protection.

Suitable for use with gas, oil or solid fuel fired appliances. Hook bolt fixing kit included as standard, with the option to purchase a strap fixing kit if required.

Colt Top 2

The Colt Top 2 is a value-for-money anti downdraught chimney cowl from Colt Cowls.

For Solid Fuel, Oil & Gas Fired Installations.

Universal - fits 125mm (5") to 250mm (10") pots.

H Cowl

The H Cowl is probably the ultimate static anti downdraught chimney cowl, as it completely isolates the combustion gases from the prevailing winds. Manufactured using either stainless steel grade 316 or stainless steel grade 430.

Please note that you need the models with mesh inserts if using on chimneys serving appliances fired by gas.

Vedette Cowl

Originally designed to increase the draw on appliances fired by oil, the Vedette cowl has since been found to be extremely effective against downdraught.

Manufactured using stainless steel grade 316 or stainless steel grade 430, Vedette Cowls are available with or without mesh inserts, depending upon the fuel of the appliance being used.


The Windkat is the most effective anti-downdraught cowl on the market (97% success rate). It creates a unique steady up-draught unlike other pots or cowls, and works with all wind speeds and all wind directions.

The Windkat increases fireplace and stove efficiency by 5-20% (due to optimum draw).

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